In the heart of the Hotel, Le TIGrr has found its summer cave.
All in one bar, restaurant and club The TIGrr is a promise of spiced evenings, gourmets escapades and wild nights. Friendly and festive at the same time with a cuddling and coaxing feel to it. Perfect setting to accompany you from sun set pre drinks to the start off, of festive nights. In between the restaurant offers the best standards of Thaï and Asian cuisine for dinner. TRhere is no escape from the TiIGrr claws

TIGrr Lounge

An intimate cave, secret room with dimmed lighting to keep hidden. The TIGrr lounge cozy with a sober decor, warm lighting with golden hints from its brass wall lamps.


The greatness of this animal is captured in a large portrait lying on sand surrounded with bamboo. This piece of art has been create in Vietnam, in the purest Asian arts. Its coat has been reproduced with hand made embroidery.

Its effigy overlooks the Royal table.


A graphic signature designed by Philippe Di Méo.

The Bar
Whether for a tea, a digestive, enjoy a book in a muffled atmosphere in this vintage lounge or enjoy a cocktail at the bar counter l’Ermitage is the crossing point where international visitors meat and mix with locals and TIGrr’s fans.


The Terrasse
The beast has kept its wild nature and decided to mark its territory on the outside and has tables for you overlooking StTropez’s “savannah”. The dense vegetation, bamboos, pin trees opens up to a panoramic view on the bay of St Tropez. Even the most blasé will roar of joy…